University of West London

The University of West London Project included various new build components and a staged refurbishment of the current buildings at the University’s Ealing campus.

The key component of the venture included demolishing the central D Block building and replacing it with a new vibrant ‘Heartspace’, comprising of a Performance Centre, Exhibition Area, Hub Atrium, Library and new student facilities. The new ‘Heartspace’ also connects with five existing buildings that are also being updated.

Reflecting the Architectural concept for large open plan areas and multiple atrium levels, structural proposals were for a steelwork frame with composite slabs generally.

The main structural elements are described below:

Performance Centre – Comprises of a double storey lecture hall and studios with retractable folding partitions. An arrangement of 14.0m long x  1.5m deep steel trusses provide a clear column free space of approximately 26.0m x 18.0m. A garden terrace area is provided above the Performance Centre with significant associated soil build-up and finishes supported off a 150mm thick reinforced concrete slab.

Exhibition Area –Forms a two level atrium adjacent to the existing North Block, with roof beams supporting sky lights which provide significant natural daylight.

Hub Atrium – Adjacent to the Hospitality Block and forms a four level open atrium space with 16.0m long primary roof beams supporting an arrangement of sky lights.

Library – Comprises three levels of library facilities with an accessible mechanical plant area at roof level. Floor plates at each level have been provided as a compositely designed arrangement of cell web steelwork beams with composite metal decking/insitu concrete. The cell web beams provided across each plate are 600mm deep with 400mm diameters required to route mechanical & electrical services throughout the building.

The entrance to the library incorporates a large feature ‘fin’ structure beyond the curtain walling and significant 3.0m cantilevered overhang formed in main frame steelwork.

The complexity of providing stability to the ‘Heartspace’ and controlling the differential movement between the six structures was achieved by using a complex arrangement of multi-directional slotted-hole connections to the existing structures.

The new ‘Heartspace’ provides the focal point of the Ealing campus and has drawn the various surrounding buildings together to provide a fitting environment for students.


University of West London

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