Royal Connaught Park, Bushey

Our involvement at the Royal Connaught Park, Bushey has been over a period of 12 years and 3 separate phases of works.

Phase I which commenced in 2006 comprised the refurbishment of the Grade II listed former Royal Masonic School as residential apartments and including a basement leisure centre/swimming pool constructed below the school hall (used as a Harry Potter Set).

Revisions to the existing buildings included the provision of new stair/lift access and formation/installation of mezzanine floors within existing 60∞ roof spaces.

Phase II which commenced in 2012 involved the completion of the refurbishment of the main quad and ancillary buildings.

This phase also included a 150 space underground carpark which was constructed as a ‘cut and fill’ operation and at completion was restored in keeping with the surrounding grass areas.

Phase II includes a second quad constructed as a podium deck over a 200 space underground car park and supporting four of the main apartment blocks over.

The Phase III works, with a further 160 new build apartments was commenced in 2016 and is due for completion in spring 2018.


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