Laurie House




Refurbishment of Grade II listed Laurie House, with new 3 storey extension as part of a retirement site in Rochdale, Kent.


Measures included reconfiguration of main access stair/lift core for better circulation including re-alignment of windows within Ragstone facades.

Works were carried out working with conservation bodies and included developing details for strengthening of existing timber floors and load bearing partitions.

The refurbishment included re-roofing and which required significant repair/replacement of existing timberworks as well as the reconstruction of stonework gables at high level.

New Wing

The new extension was positioned on a particularly steep slope of the existing site with adjacent historic cedar tree.

As a result a big challenge was in providing temporary and permanent retention for the adjacent road/uphill slope.

This was achieved variously by temporary sheet piles and a king post/sectional concrete retaining wall which was later faced to becoming the permanent structure.

The sub-structure was designed as a foundation raft with perimeter foundation strips at 2m deep as a means of slob stability.

The foundation raft was coordinated with a specialist pressed metal Kingspan system over 3 floors.





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